En Familia

Program materials

En Familia sessions feature several teaching supports, described below.



Some handouts are worksheets for participants to complete individually or with their families or peers during an activity. Other handouts provide useful information that participants can keep and refer to when dealing with a family health concern at home. We include templates of all the handouts a facilitator needs at the end of each session in the Facilitator's Guide.

Did you know? cards

Did you know? cards

Each session uses a series of Did you know? cards to engage families and smooth transitions from one activity to another. The program facilitator displays the cards on the walls during each session after reading them aloud.



A series of short video clips, between two and four minutes long, accompany the sessions. Each video engages the participants in the health challenges of the Garcías, a fictional family with a mom, dad, grandma, and teenager who have just moved from New Mexico to Georgia. Read more about the En Familia videos here.



There are a total of five posters that present En Familia information in a large, engaging format for all families to see. The Facilitator's Guide includes a copy of each poster, which can be enlarged and replicated at a photocopy center.

Easel Sheet Paper


Easel sheet paper is an integral tool to teach the content of En Familia. Easel sheet paper is a bound set of poster-sized paper that En Familia uses in many ways, such as to write down answers from group activities, or to present information to families. The Facilitator's Guide also provides easel pad sheet templates with instructions for the facilitator to display during the session.

Facilitator materials

Facilitator Materials

Facilitator materials provide more information about a topic or the answers to an activity.

Certificate of completion

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the En Familia sessions, participants may receive this certificate to congratulate them on their improved knowledge, skills, and confidence to find, use, and understand health care services and information.



You can customize this program flier for your local En Familia sessions. Simply fill in the blanks and photocopy it. You can also use the flier as a "take-away" from any office or bulletin board.

En Familia trains families across five two-hour sessions:

  • Session 1: Plan Ahead
  • Session 2: Make a Medical Visit Appointment
  • Session 3: Prepare for the Medical Visit
  • Session 4: At the Medical Visit
  • Session 5: Follow Up
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