Familias Fuertes

Familias Fuertes is a comprehensive training resource for a community-based organization to equip promotores de salud (promotores) with knowledge and skills to support a Latino family with a child coping with cancer. Children coping with cancer include children who have pediatric cancer or children who have a close family member (e.g., parent, sibling) with cancer. The Familias Fuertes training guide is bilingual English/Spanish.

After completing Familias Fuertes, promotoras will have:

The knowledge to...

  • Explain cancer in age-specific and culturally-appropriate ways.
  • Identify and explain available treatment options for cancer.
  • Explain possible treatment side-effects.
  • Understand the mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities and issues of children coping with cancer.

The skills to...

  • Talk to children about what they are experiencing in an age-specific and culturally-appropriate manner.
  • Conduct a needs assessment of a child coping with cancer to determine the resources and support he or she needs.
  • Research available resources to support the child coping with cancer throughout diagnosis, treatment, and remission.
  • Liaise with the child’s school and related professionals (e.g., social worker) to arrange for continuing education in the event of absences from school.
  • Help parents and children talk openly and effectively about their feelings.
  • Discuss end-of-life or palliative care choices.
  • Help children resume their former lives after treatment.

Familias Fuertes trains promotores across seven one-hour sessions:

  • Session 1: Introductions
  • Session 2: Cancer and Its Impact on Children
  • Session 3: Overcoming Barriers and Understanding Client Needs
  • Session 4: Resources for Children Coping With Cancer
  • Session 5: Communicating With Children, Families, and Schools
  • Session 6: Assistance During Treatment
  • Session 7: Remission and Beyond
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